FSC autumn sports day


9 a.m., November 1, Hanwha Life Insurance Training Institute located in Yong-in was crowded with excited FSC employees overwhelmed by the huge event ahead of them just about to kick off. They were all dressed in sports wears and uniforms of their designated teams. All FSC employees gathered at one place to cheer up and take some time to get recharged on a beautiful autumn day.

2014 한마음 연찬회_0017

Men and women of the FSC assembled by the team they belong in the indoor stadium. Hot stew and snacks were served before the beginning to warm the everyone’s stomach. After short warm up exercises, the main events kicked off with Chairman Shin Je-Yoon and Vice Chairman Jeong Chan-woo’s brief thank you speech to the employees.

2014 한마음 연찬회_0007

FSC employees were divided into 6 teams according to bureaus and divisions. Each team competed for winning trophies in soccer, volleyball, dodge ball, and relay race. Those who didn’t play in the games danced and shouted for victory to cheer their team. All soccer and volley ball matches were exiting enough to make everyone think that they are watching professional league games since all players volunteerly went through intensive training before and after work everyday for the last few weeks.

2014 한마음 연찬회_0023All soccer matches were neck and neck. Winners and losers were decided by penalty kicks. Capital Markets Bureau and One Team (Spokesperson’s Office and Consumer Finance & Protection Bureau united) met at the final round. Both teams fought their guts out but the match ended at 3 all after overtime. Again, the champion was about to be ruled by 5 penalty kicks. Cheering squads of each team yelled for joy and disappointment everytime kickers made their kicks. PK scores were tied again at 3 all and only one kicks per team remained. One Team succeeded the last kick first. Then, One Team’s goalkeeper threw his body to the ball and made a miraculous save. Thanks to the unbelievable save resembling Casillas, One Team could lift up the winning trophy.

2014 한마음 연찬회_0187At the same time, volley ball matches were hot in the indoor stadium. Unlike professional volley ball games with 6 players, 9 players including one female made a team. No one spared themselves. Every player dived and threw themselves to receive fierce spikes. After exiting and breathtaking matches, Financial Policy Bureau and One Team, again, met for the championship game. Most people expected Financial Policy Bureau would win because they had height advantages over One Team. Such expectation was about to come true until Financial Policy Bureau went ahead by 9 to 3 of a 15-point game after winning the first set. It was then when miracle happened, again. One Team players showed their super power and turned the game around with final set score of 2-1.

2014 한마음 연찬회_0077

One Team’s one-sided games continued. The team overwhelmed other rivals in relay race and other competitions. As a result, One Team won soccer and volley ball trophies and overall championship trophy. Sweeping all trophies was unprecedented throughout the history of the FSC. The historic event ended with FSC Chairman’s closing statements.

2014 한마음 연찬회_0245

Despite worries about rain forecast, FSC employees, families, and reporters could enjoy a typical sunny and cool autumn weather. It was a meaningful day that everyone could forget about work for a day and come around all together. In the closing statement Chairman Shin almost showed his tears fully charged with emotions when he reminisced the past two years of both wonderful and hard times in the FSC.

2014 한마음 연찬회_0040


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