51st Savings Day celebrated


20141028 저축의날_0012

51st Savings Day was celebrated on October 28, Tuesday at International Conference Hall, Press Center. More than 250 figures including awardees and employees from financial institutions joined the event to commemorate the meaningful day.

20141028 저축의날_0001

This year, 91 people received awards for their exemplary saving practices. Mr. Park, the receiver of Peony Medal, overcame poverty inherited by his parents through diligent working and saving as much as he could. Despite that he had to drop out of middle school because he couldn’t afford the tuition fee, he made his own fortune by working harder than others. Managing his foodstuff factory, he has been providing financial support to nursery schools. He has never been lazy helping less fortunate neighbors.

20141028 저축의날_0003

There were also number of celebrities who were awarded for best saving practices. Actress Kim Hee-ae and comedian Seo Kyeong-suk received presidential commendation. Anchor Baek Seung-joo and model Byeon Jung-soo were awarded prime minister commendation. Baseball player Jang Won-sam and singer Kim Heung-kook received FSC chairman commendation.

20141028 저축의날_0004

In his congratulatory speech, FSC Chairman Shin Je-Yoon expressed gratitude to all participants for their active participation in the national savings campaign. Furthermore, he mentioned that the development of Korea’s real economy largely owes to the dedicated efforts of the financial industry. He made commitments that the government will find ways to encourage development of various pension savings products, and strengthen financial consumer protection.

20141028 저축의날_0014


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