Weekly Global Financial News (Sep 29-Oct 5)



Japan PM still ‘neutral’ on tax hike but recovery weak: economy minister, By Reuters, Published: Oct 4
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe remains “completely neutral” on whether to raise the national sales tax, Economy Minister Akira Amari said on Sunday even as he expressed concern about the strength of the country’s economic recovery.

IMF sees diminished risk from global economic imbalances, By Reuters, Published: Sep 30
Global imbalances in trade and investment flows have shrunk and are likely to stay lower in the future, diminishing systemic risks to global economy.

China ready to grab business after EU-Russia showdown, By Reuters, Published: Oct 2
China is ready to seize any business opportunities in Russia resulting from Moscow’s diplomatic conflict with Europe over Ukraine, Beijing’s ambassador to Berlin said.

Putin says ‘foolish’ sanctions will not hold back Russia, By Reuters, Published: Oct 2
President Vladimir Putin dismissed Western sanctions and said they would not stop Russia developing into a stronger economic power amid a speech to foreign and Russian investors.

ECB targets bundled-debt market to boost economy, By Reuters, Published: Oct 2
The European Central Bank laid out plans to buy reparceled packets of debt known as asset-backed securities in order to shore up the flagging euro zone economy.

Thailand approves $2.74 billion investment in 18 projects, By Reuters, Published: Oct 3
Thailand’s investment agency said on Friday it had approved applications for 18 projects worth 89.7 billion baht ($2.74 billion), many of them involving the automobile sector and renewable energy.

China aims to sooth transport bottlenecks by 2020, Published: Oct 3
China aims to ease transport bottlenecks which are affecting economic development by 2020 with a plan announced on Saturday to tackle issues such as excessive road tolls and poor connectivity and to ensure the smoother flow of goods.


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