Weekly Global Financial News (Sep 8-Sep 14)



Russia and China discussing 32 joint projects: Russian deputy PM, By Reuters, Published: Sep 13
Russia and China are discussing more than 30 joint economic projects in a variety of areas from petrochemicals to banking. After Russia was hit sanctions by the United States and the European Union over its involvement in Ukraine, China was keen to cooperate with Russia.

IMF says Ebola hits economic growth in West Africa, By Reuters, Published: Sep 11
Economic growth in Liberia and Sierra Leone could decline by almost 3.5 percentage points as the world’s worst outbreak of Eblola has crippled mining, agriculture and services sectors.

After default, Argentina economy falling into deeper hole, By Reuters, Published: Sep 11
Argentina’s government is ramping up state intervention in the economy to try to prevent a new default from triggering a balance of payment crisis but its policies are also battering business confidence and may deepen recession.

Exclusive: Brazil assessing whether to cut key fiscal goal in 2014, By Reuters, Published: Sep 12
The Brazilian government is assessing whether to cut its primary budget surplus target in 2014.

Abe says ‘neutral’ on whether to raise Japan sales tax to 10 percent, Published: Sep 13
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he remained neutral on whether to proceed with a hike in Japan’s sales tax to 10 percent, adding that decision would hinge on the strength of economic indicators for the current quarter.

Show us the money: EU seeks billions of euros to revive economy, By Reuters, Published: Sep 13
The European Union sought ways to marshal billions of euros into its sluggish economy without getting deeper into debt.


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