FSC Chairman’s two-day on-site tour to promote technology finance and microfinance – part 2


On his second day of the two-day onsite tour, Chairman Shin Je-Yoon visited Jeonbuk University and Morene traditional market on Thursday.


At Jeonbuk University Business Incubator Center, Mr. Shin met business entrepreneurs to promote government’s efforts to support business start-ups and young entrepreneurs. In particular, he emphasized that the government would provide financial assistance, consulting services, and business data throughout the whole business cycle of a start-up company.


He added that the opinions raised during the meeting will be reflected when devising policies. Moreover, various policies will be prepared to encourage young entrepreneurs who are expected to become the key players to realize ‘creative finance.’

20140828 모래내 시장_0003

Following the meaningful gathering in Jeonbuk University, Chairman Shin and the heads of financial corporations visited Morene traditional market located in Jeonju on the occasion of Chuseok holidays. He met with the local merchants to listen to hardships they are experiencing and various suggestions to be made on microfinancial policies. The government will continue to improve microfinancial policies that can actually do good to the merchants since traditional markets and mom-and-pop stores form the backbone of the Korean economy.

20140828 모래내 시장_0001

The government will come up with a plan to improve the structure of microfinancial support in a more consumer-oriented direction in a near future based on the opinions gathered during the on-site tour.


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