FSC Chairman’s two-day on-site tour to promote technology finance and microfinance – part 1


The FSC has been committed to facilitate technology finance by establishing technology assessment systems such as Tech Credit Bureau(TCB) and Tech Data Base(DB). This time, Chairman Shin Je-Yoon set off for a two-day on-site tour to actually meet and listen to entrepreneurs of start-up companies and those related to technology finance.


For a starter, Chairman Shin visited Pan-gyo Techno Valley, Korea’s Silicon Valley where promising technology firms are located, to share various opinions about ways to promote technology finance. Suggestions and ideas raised during the tour will be reflected on the government’s future directions for technology finance.


Tomorrow, Mr. Shin will visit Jeonju University’s Business Incubator Center, Jeonju Morene traditional market, and Cheonan Employment Welfare Center.

Vice governor of the FSS, and heads of financial corporations such as Korea Development Bank, Korea Finance Corporation, Industrial Bank of Korea, and Export & Import Bank accompanied Chairman Shin during the tour.



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