Weekly Global Financial News (July 14 – July 21)


Argentina Countdown to July 30 Deadline: Default or Boom, By Bloomberg, Published: Jul 21
Argentina is facing a imminent risk of default coming in less than two weeks unless it reaches a deal with holders of defaulted bonds or U.S. courts grant a delay.

Japan’s samurai bond issuance on track to set record this year, By Reuters, Published: Jul 14
Japan’s samurai bond market is on track for a record year as Japanese investors tempt more foreign companies to issue yen-dominated debt. Though the spreads have narrowed, demands for Samurai bond is growing since yields on other types of fixed-income bonds and instruments in Japan are even lower.

Ukraine unrest, Gaza keep pressure on shares; bonds steady, By Reuters, Published: Jul 18
World markets remained under pressure after a Malaysian plane was downed near the Ukraine-Russia border and Israel stepped up a ground assault against Gaza militants.

China Bailouts Questioned as Second Company Faces Default, By Bloomberg, Published: Jul 18
China’s corporate bond market is facing its second default, fueling speculation the government is stepping back from its practice of bailing out borrowers and moving toward a more market-driven system.

Spain Marks Year of Recovery in Economy Hooked on Exports, By Bloomberg, Published: Jul 21
Spain looks to enter a second year of recovery, but whether the recovery is sustainable is remained as question as much of the industrial rebound was fueled by declining wages and government aiding measures rather than product innovation.

China Home Prices Fall in Record Cities, Signaling More Easing, By Bloomberg, Published: Jul 21
China’s new-home prices fell in a record number of cities, signaling curbs will be relaxed.


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