Fast-track Immigration Service for foreign investors visiting Korea


airport passenger

The FSC has been providing fast-track immigration services for professional foreign investors visiting Korea since February 2010 as a means to attract and facilitate foreign investment. D-7 or F-5 visa holding executives with foreign nationality or foreign employees with recommendation by local heads of financial institutions with business fund of 7 billion won or above are subject to the fast-track immigration services.

However, the government made several improvements to the current service to better serve its purpose. The improved services went into force on June 26, 2014.

1. Those subject to fast-track immigration service will be specified to the employees of foreign financial firms, investment management personnels, and analysts in order to provide more efficient services to the limited number of key figures.

2. Electronic immigration card will be introduced which enables identification verification through electronic system without actually holding immigration service cards. Up to two companions of the electronic immigration card holder can pass through fast-track immigration counters. Moreover, validation date of immigration service cards will be lengthened to 3 years from the current 2 years.

3. Experts from the FSC, Ministry of Justice, Financial Supervisory Service and public sector will form a committee to examine and screen qualification standards of applicants for fast-track immigration card. Management of fast-track immigration card holders will be strengthened.

Contact FSS Financial Hub Korea (02-3145-7158) for further inquiries or to apply for the fast-track immigration service.


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