Weekly Global Financial News (May 26-June 1)



U.S. bond market faces possible reckoning, By Reuters, Published: May 30
Despite the U.S. Federal Reserve’s tapering policy, the rally in U.S. Treasury bonds concerns investor, pushing 10-year yields to the lowest in 11months.

Rebound in euro zone credit ratings: overdue or overshoot?, By Reuters, Published: May 28
While rating agencies upgrading the euro zone’s crisis countries, question regarding the optimistic outlook has raised with debt levels in most still rising.

Housing snags tug back France’s economy, By Reuters, Published: May 28
Weak French housing investment with red tape works as a major drag to its economy.

Draghi Gets Ready to Go Negative as Inflation Sinks, By Bloomberg, Published: May 30
The European Central Bank is gearing up for monetary policy to tackle low inflation and low credit growth problems. Possible option would include cuts in all interest rates and targeted measures aimed at boosting lending to small- and mid-sized firms.

China to Cut Reserve Requirement Ratio for Some Banks, By Bloomberg, Published: May 31
China will lower the reserve requirement ratio for some of the nation’s banks to spur growth as it faces relatively large downward economic pressure.

Consumer Spending in U.S. Unexpectedly Declines, By Bloomberg, Published: May 31
Consumer spending unexpectedly fell as income growth got cooled, a sign that U.S. economy will take time to accelerate.

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