SFCC President meets Frank


“Be prepared for opportunities,” Choonsik Yoo, Deputy Bureau Chief of Reuters Seoul, gave advice to student reporters for FSC’s English Blog ‘Frank’s Super Communication,’ who want to become journalists, particularly for foreign media.

Mr. Yoo is a veteran journalist with a twenty-year career at Reuters. He was elected as President of the Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club(SFCC) this year.
The SFCC, founded in 1956 by nine members, now has more than 250 members of foreign correspondents working in Korea. Despite his busy schedule, he willingly accepted our invitation to give a special lecture to Frank’s friends.

Becoming a journalist is one of the most popular career goals that many college students are dreaming of. Especially, how to become a foreign correspondent is the subject of interest to many of Frank’s friends.


The lecture was arranged to share his vast experience as a journalist and to give student reporters useful tips on how to break into the field of foreign media. He gave a lecture in a casual and relaxed atmosphere over coffee and sandwiches. But everyone’s eyes and ears all focused on his mouth and words not to miss out a single piece of  information. He started his lecture with a brief overview of how foreign correspondents work and shared interesting episodes as a journalist. For those who want to become a foreign correspondent, he said, it is important to stay connected to the field to spot and seize opportunities. You may start your career as an intern, not necessarily a full-time reporter. What really matters, he advised, is to continue to build up analytical skills and logic and develop your own perspective on raw data until unexpected opportunities finally come to you.

He also emphasized strong work ethics as a journalist. Journalists are required to be accountable for what they report. Be precise and accurate. Don’t be compromised.

His one-hour lecture was followed by a Q&A session which went on for much longer than initially scheduled. Frank’s friends, greatly inspired and highly motivated by his lecture, asked many questions about his work and life as a journalist. Despite a delay in schedule, he did his best giving his answer to every single question.


With his career and expertise in journalism, he is posting his in-depth knowledge and perspective on Korea’s economy and finance to his personal blog(www.koreaviews.com). Once again, many thanks to President Yoo for taking valuable time out of his busy schedule.


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