Introducing Frank’s New Family


On February 25th, the main conference room of the Financial Services Commission was crowed by people preparing for a special event. It was a welcoming ceremony for the 8th FSC bloggers, and at the same time, it was a closing ceremony for the 7th FSC bloggers. Soon, the spacious room became crowded with many people. Some of them could not hide their excitement for the upcoming event.

20140225_외신 알리미 발대식_036

The FSC Spokesperson Doh Kyu-sang opened the ceremony with the words of blessings to new bloggers and thank-you message to 7th FSC bloggers. Especially, he emphasized roles of new FSC English bloggers who will undertake massive responsibilities of promoting financial polices to foreign investors.

After the congratulatory message, there was a small award ceremony. Among 7th FSC English bloggers, Kwon Hyok-hee from Sungkyunkwan University and Shim Yea-jin from Korea University received the best blogger prize for their outstanding activities and contributions to the FSC. Also, one of the members of 7th English bloggers, Shim Yejin, representing former bloggers, delivered a short presentation to give some advices to new bloggers. She clearly pointed out what kind of competences will be needed to work as a FSC blogger. Since she gave a presentation with personal episodes that she had gone through, it was very helpful to the new bloggers to have a better understanding of their roles.

The FSC Foreign Press Spokesperson Kim Mi-kyung highlights the welcoming ceremony with welcoming remarks mentioning that she anticipates another joyful year with new bloggers and hopes to have more meetings and social gatherings to get close to each other.

20140225_외신 알리미 발대식_033

Official ceremony ended with our cheerful group photo, but all the 18 bloggers and foreign press manager Kim Ah Young and Lee Sun Heun stayed in the main conference room in order to have a monthly meeting. Even though it was our first time sharing individuals’ thoughts about future plan, the bloggers actively proposed their ideas and suggestions, which were all highly meaningful.

The meeting took almost two hours, but it felt a lot shorter because all members were excited about this opportunity to promote financial policies and issues to foreign readers. All 18 members were enthusiastic supporters. With passionate FSC bloggers, Frank can expect another energetic year!

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