Follow-up measures to prevent illegal circulation and breach of personal data



On January 28, the Financial Services Commission and related authorities held a meeting to discuss follow-up measures to block the breach and illegal circulation of personal information.

The participants agreed to immediately launch the following measures:

* Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Korea Communications Commission: Launch inspection on data security for IT service providers, prevent consumer damage by eradicating voice phishing and cancel phone numbers used for financial fraud.

* Ministry of Justice and National Police Agency: Launch intense crackdown on financial firms to prevent circulation of personal information and further damage.

* Ministry of Security and Public Administration: Launch joint crackdown on money lenders to prevent illegal circulation and breach of personal information.

* Financial Supervisory Service: Launch inspection on personal information management conditions and establish center for illegal circulation of personal data.

Chairman Shin quoted the data leak accident as a “serious disaster that harms not only the financial system but also the confidence towards the national economy”. He asked for dedicated efforts of the related authorities to relieve the people’s concern by ensuring that their personal information is kept safe.


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