Do not worry. Your precious personal information is safe from criminals’ reach



Prosecutors announced that about 100 million credit card account details were leaked from Kookmin Card, Nonghyup Card and Lotte Card by a contractor with the personal credit rating company Korea Credit Bureau(KCB) over the course of a year beginning in December 2012. However, the contractor and the alleged buyers of the information were all arrested; and the original files and USB of the stolen data were confiscated with no sign of further circulation.

The three credit card companies said that there had been no financial damage reported so far related to the breach. The FSS found that sensitive information such as credit card passwords of CVC codes were not included in the stolen data. So, there is no concern that the leaked information would be used for fraudulent transactions.

Prosecutors, police, and the FSS will immediately launch a joint crackdown indefinitely on illegal circulation and use of personal information. Particularly, unregistered money lenders will be subject to intense scrutiny. The prosecutors will demand the maximum sentence possible under the current law for those who illegally circulated and used personal data.

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