Top 10 Checklist for Personal Data Protection


10 checklist

1) The stolen information from the three credit card companies was all returned and there is no possibility that your credit cards would be used fraudulently. Your credit cards are safe to use.

2) Sign up for “credit card payment notification SMS service” provided by credit card companies free of charge to receive SMS notice on every payment settled using your credit card.

3) Please visit the website of respective credit card companies or make a phone call to call centers to make sure whether your credit card has been used for fraudulent transactions.

4) You can either cancel or re-issue credit cards upon request without any commission charged.

5) Credit card companies will cover any financial damage incurred by fraudulent transactions using the stolen data. Please report to the respective credit card company for any damage via website, call centers, or by visiting nearby office.

6) Credit card companies, in any case, do not send SMS related to personal data breach.

7) Please do not click any links attached to emails or SMS from anonymous sources and erase them immediately.

8) Do not answer any questions and hang up immediately if you receive phone calls asking for credential information such as credit card passwords and CVC code from someone claiming to be as a personal from public institutions, financial authorities, or financial companies

9) Please report immediately to the police(☎112), Financial Supervisory Service(☎1332), or respective financial companies if you suspect any financial fraud.

10) Damage Report Center is open 24 hours to provide any assistance related to personal data breach.
– KB Kookmin Card: Center)/1899-2900(Damage Report Center)
– NH Nonghyup Card:,1644-4000(Call Center)/1644-4199(Damage Report Center)
– Lotte Card: Center)/1588-8100,2-2211-5500,051-606-2700(Damage Control Center)


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