KRX opening ceremony for 2014


FSC Chairman Shin Je-Yoon attended the new year’s opening ceremony for the Korea Exchange on January 2, 2014.


In his congratulatory speech, Chairman Shin made four major commitments for the new year.

First, the government will attract more capital and investment into the capital markets by further facilitating the derivatives market, easing PEF and hedge fund regulations, introducing crowd funding scheme, and ensuring stability in the KONEX market.


Second, the government will put more efforts in improving the accessibility to and lowering entry barrier of the capital markets for ordinary people and middle class so that more people can participate in the market to increase their wealth.

Third, the government is going to strengthen competitiveness of the financial investment industry by stimulating M&As among securities firms and supporting domestic financial firms to expand their business overseas.


Finally, the FSC will exert more efforts in protecting financial consumers and establishing transparent markets. Above all, he emphasized that investors’ confidence in the market is the key to achieve capital markets development.


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