FSC Chairman at the OECD/IOPS Global Forum


20131105_IOPS 연차총회_0006
FSC Chairman Shin Je-yoon participated in the OECD/IOPS Global Forum and delivered opening remarks. This year’s forum was held under the theme of “Asian Pension-Lesson for the World” on November 5, at the Westin Chosun Hotel with more than 150 pension experts from home and abroad.

20131105_IOPS 연차총회_0007

Chairman Shin emphasized the importance of a sustainable pension system and private pensions to coop with the aging population. As the government’s efforts to strengthen the role of private pensions, he mentioned three important steps. First, a stronger retirement pension scheme; second, broader tax incentives for private pensions; and third, a newly-introduced reverse mortgage scheme.

20131105_IOPS 연차총회_0005

In the closing, Chairman Shin asked for the participants’ active discussion and said, “let’s find ways to turn the Homo-Hundred Era into nothing but a blessing.”


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