Good news for young entrepreneurs with creative ideas!If you have promising business ideas, here is a new way you can promote your ideas to potential investors: crowd funding.

Thanks to the widespread usage of the Internet and social-networking service (SNS), it has become much easier for entrepreneurs and potential investors to communicate online. An entrepreneur can introduce his/her idea or business plan through online platforms and directly raise funds from small investors.

Image by Khalid-Albaih @ Flickr

Image by Khalid-Albaih @ Flickr

To help such entrepreneurs easily raise funds through crowd funding, the FSC will propose a bill on the Capital Markets Act to lessen the regulatory burden for both start-ups and small investment brokerages online.

 At the same time, the FSC also plans to devise safeguards against fraudulent fundraising to protect small investors and well-intentioned entrepreneurs.

 If the bill and relevant regulations were approved by the National Assembly this year, it would be possible for entrepreneurs as early as next year to raise funds online and start business.  


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