Celebrities Join KAMCO’s Efforts to Publicize ‘Happiness Fund’


Guess what I brought to you guys today? It’s about celebrities! YAY!

In the morning of last Friday, July 19th, the baseball team made up of celebrities, ZOMAZOMA, and KAMCO(Korea Asset Management Corporation) workers’ baseball team, WAVERS, got together in the office of KAMCO Gangnam branch. Celebrities like Jong-won Lee (actor), Hyun-seop Shim (comedian), Kwang-soo Park (cartoonist), and Dae-hyun Sung (singer) joined the event and they seemed quite excited. Though I was so official a reporter, I was also quite excited as I was able to watch the famous celebrities with my bare eyes. They were actually there to publicize the National Happiness Fund and stuff around Gangnam station.

As a number of my friends already mentioned before, KAMCO and its Happiness Fund are becoming a great help to the people with low income by lowering interest rate and adjusting loan amount for them to get out of the burden of debts easily. ZOMAZOMA and WAVERS players marched along the streets around Gangnam station in uniform to publicize these wonderful services and let more people be happy with their financial conditions.


As some held a placard to let passersby recognize what they were doing for, the others handed promotion leaflets and fans to people one by one. Mr. Shim led the group while speaking through a megaphone, mocking the voices of well-known figures and successfully getting attention from people. Many people took pictures of the celebrities with their smartphones and showed interest in the purpose of what they do. There was also an autograph event right in front of the KAMCO building, and many people enjoyed it as getting autographs and taking pictures with celebs. The celebrities didn’t forget to mention the works of KAMCO and its fund to each person until the end.

An anonymous passerby I interviewed said “I don’t know what exactly the happiness thing is for though I did hear the name ‘Happiness Fund’ quite a lot. I think this is a great beginning for letting people know what KAMCO is working for.” One of the celebrities even mentioned the fact that KAMCO had better widen the range of publicizing from Seoul to other else cities because people with financial plight are everywhere, and I seriously agreed to his opinion.


The whole thing was generally successful as many people paid attention to what ZOMAZOMA and WAVERS were doing – even though the weather was very hot and humid. With this very start, I hope more and more people get alerted with KAMCO and improve their financial well-being as the corporation promises.


By Kicheol Lee (summfrea@hanmail.net)


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