KONEX Forum was held on July 23rd, Tuesday, with the participation of representatives from the companies listed on the KONEX market. The event which took place at the KRX International Conference Room began with congratulatory speech of the FSC Vice Chairman Jeong Chan-woo followed by the FSC Capital Market Bureau Director General’s lecture.

It is too early to judge the success and failure of the KONEX since the market has only been open for less than a month. However, it is truly encouraging that we have at least set on the path to open up the sluice gate for small and medium sized firms to easily finance themselves to further grow their business. It is crucial to lure interest of various investors by more frequently exposing the KONEX to the public. To this sense, today’s forum will definitely contribute in making KONEX one of Korea’s representative stock markets.

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” We sincerely wish for the success of the KONEX.



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