“Weekly Global Financial News (July 8~July 12)”



1. ECB and BoE‘s forward guidance
-“Forward guidance only works if you do it right” – Financial Times

2. Eurozone approves Greece bailout
-“Greece nears $10.4bil. deal in bailout cash” – AFP
-“Progress on Greek cuts leads to bailout deal” – Financial Times
-“Greece secures $8.7 billion in rescue loans” – Associated Press

3. Chairman Bernanke’s comments on possible low interest rate policies
-“Bernanke says Fed stimulus still needed” – Associated Press
-“At Fed, divisions over ending stimulus” – New York Times
-“Tapering of QE affects emerging economies in different ways” – Financial Times

4. China’s shadow banking sector
-“Money for nothing” – Financial Times
-“Chinese banks lend aggressively, risking another crackdown” – Reuters

5. Privatization of Woori Finance Holdings
-“Woori Sale Seen Succeeding at Last With Breakup: Real M&A” – Bloomberg

Also read,
-“Market kep in check as Seoul braces for a slowdown” – Financial Times


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