“Weekly Global Financial News”



China’s cash crunch
* ”China Confronts Self-Made Cash Crisis” – Wall Street Journal
* “No Move on China Cash Pinch” – Wall Street Journal
* “(Opinion) The Chinese Cash Crunch Is No Surprise” – Wall Street Journal
* “China plays hardball over cash crunch” – Financial Times
* “China cash squeeze eases, but bank shares take big hit” – Reuters
* “Beijing in U-turn over bank support” – Financial Times
* “Beijing Acts on Cash Crunch” – Wall Street Journal
* “China’s Central Bank Injects Funding to Ease Crunch” – Wall Street Journal
* “Bank vows to avert China’s Lehman moment” – Financial Times
* “China hints at new bank regime” – Financial Times
* “China promises banks support to calm markets” – Associated Press
* “China’s Cash Squeeze Spreads” – Wall Street Journal

Woori Finance Holdings Privatization
* “South Korea tries to sell off Woori for fourth time” – Financial Times
* “Korea’s Woori Finance To Be Sold in 3 Batches” – Wall Street Journal
* “S.Korea to offer up Woori Finance in 3 parts, vows speedy sales” – Reuters
* “Woori Units to Be Split in Government’s Fourth Sale Attempt” – Bloomberg

EU Finance Ministers’ Meeting
* “EU differs on bank restructuring rules” – Associated Press
* “Bank bailout deal eludes EU ministers” – Financial Times
* “EU agrees on bank-failure rules to avoid bailouts” – Associated Press

UK-China Currency Swap Deal
* “UK and China agree currency swap line deal” – Financial Times
* “U.K., China Reach Currency Swap Deal” – Wall Street Journal

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