“Weekly Global Financial News”



Fed to phase out QE policy
* “Fed likely to signal tapering move” – Financial Times
* “World looks to Bernanke to clarify move” – Associated Press
* “Optimistic Fed leaves QE policy unchanged” – Financial Times
* “Bernanke’s rosier outlook to come under close scrutiny” – Financial Times
* “Fed may begin cutting QE later this year: Bernanke” – AFP
* “Asia hammered on Fed upset” – AFP
* “(Asian) Stocks tumble after Fed signals bond tapering” – Associated Press
* “Asia assets hammered on China fears, Fed upset” – Reuters

China’s cash crunch
* “China Cash Crunch Squeezes Banks” – Wall Street Journal
* “Money Market Is Squeezed in China” – Wall Street Journal
* “China banks Request Cash-Crunch Relief” – Wall Street Journal
* “China confronts self-made cash crisis” – Wall Street Journal
* “China tightens crunch on cash” – Financial Times

G8 Finance Minister’s Meeting
* “Focus put on bumps in road to recovery” – Financial Times
* “Tax evasion, bank secrecy: G8 talks tough, seeks teeth” – AFP
* “G8 leaders promise corporate tax clampdown to bolster economies” – Financial Times
* “G8 Agrees on Plan to Fight Corporate Tax Evasion” – Wall Street Journal


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