Promoting family-friendly working environment


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How have you been? Most of you might have been busy from lots of school work. Then, have you ever thought of why you have to study so much? It’s obviously to get prepared before going into the world or simply to get a job. It’s the question for girls: Are you going to get a job? Are you planning to get a job, work hard for the rest of your life until the retirement? This has long been a social problem that women get discriminated at work and forced to leave due to marriage, pregnancy, and nurturing problems. Housekeeping is what both men and women should be responsible for, but it still is burdened only to women and they have to quit their job regardless of their will to work. The government has been trying to ease those burdens from the women and to help them keep both their job and family, which unfortunately is not working well. So, the FSC with Ministry of Gender Equality and Family decided to add ‘Best Family Friendly Management’ certification to the list of voluntary disclosure starting the second half year. Let’s see what that is.

Mrs. Kim quit her job two months ago. She voluntarily left her job, but it was not really because she wanted to. After she let her pregnancy known to her colleagues, she felt that she was being treated differently than before. It was a tacit agreement to leave a job when women get pregnant. Mrs. Kim ended up quitting her job voluntarily due to unseen discrimination against her. Mrs. Ahn is considering quitting her job. She said she is getting extremely tired of doing house chores all by herself after work. Why these things happen? Isn’t there any way to ease such burden from women?

‘Best Family Friendly Management’ certification is what FSC and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family promoting to solve these kinds of social problems. Listed corporations which got ‘Best Family Friendly Management’ certification verify themselves that they support to better the work environment for women. BFF is acquired through survey and scrutiny on how much family-friendly those corporations are. Family Friendliness Index (FFI) is measured in various ways and corporations with high FFI will get certified of BFFM. FFI measure includes how well corporations handle with pregnancy, vacation after the labor, supporting employees’ children, and flexible working hour. As you can see in the graph below, the FFI is on the rise.


‘Best Family Friendly Management’ certification system was introduced in 2008, but it was not vitalized due to corporations’ low will to implement it. According to the survey which was conducted by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 90% of corporations agreed to the purpose of the system, but only 0.26% of them got BFFM certification. The government expects that this certification system will lessen turnover rate and corporations will induce more intelligent minds. As a proof, one corporation got 10 times more applicants after they got BFFM certification. This system is yet to be specified, but FSC is planning detailed method to implement it. It sounds pretty good new to us. Now we can expect more women-friendly working environment and achieve what we have earned for.

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