FSC Chairman’s Meeting with Financial Holding Companies


FSC Chairman Shin Je-yoon had a conference with 6 major financial holding groups on May 24, Friday to discuss future development direction of the financial industry and current financial issues.

20130524 금융지주회사 간담회_005

In the keynote speech, chairman Shin turned down voices concerning that the financial industry is being neglected by the new administration. He emphasized the importance of the financial industry in realizing “Creative Economy backed by a strong job market.” Moreover, he stressed that now is the appropriate time to set out more future-oriented visions for the finance sector. The banking chiefs agreed on the necessity to establish new visions and committed to actively join the efforts of the government.

Eleven figures from major financial holding companies and public organizations including Chairman Byongwon Bah of the Korea Federation of Banks, Governor Soohyun Choi of the Financial Supervisory Service, and Chairman Yoon-dae Euh of the KB Financial Group participated in the event.

20130524 금융지주회사 간담회_003


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