Don’t leave your credit card points wasted!


Good afternoon guys. 😀 I’m so happy today because I bought cosmetics at a 20% reduced price with my debit card points! Do you know that you can use your debit card points like cash? It’s not the end. There are so many ways that you can use your debit card points. The amount, however, of extinguished debit card points for last 5 years reaches 581 billion won! Isn’t it surprised? In 2011, the points corresponding to 112 billion won has been become extinct and in 2012, it reached 95 billion won until September. The debit card points’ negative prescription is 5 years on average. It is not quite short period but people easily forget about debit card points. So today, I will give you some useful ways to use your sleeping card points.

Ms. Han, office woman, usually use debit card for consumption. One day, she received a text message from credit card company. It said her debit card points are scheduled to being extinct at the end of this month. She compared many cards’ benefits for discount but actually forgot her points completely! Only then did she start to search the way to use her debit card points.

1. Many a mickle makes a muckle

Ms. Han uses a lot of plastic card, so the points are scattered in various cards. First, she decided to check the points for each credit card. For the checking of points, you can visit ‘Credit card point unified checking system’ run by The Credit Finance Association.


If a little points is scattered, then you can unify them and use it at credit card points integration website such as ‘Point park (’, ‘Thiat (’. ‘Point outlet ( etc.

2. Credit card points, be the cash

You can purchase goods you want to buy with your credit card points. Just in time she needed electric hair dryer, so she bought it at reduced price. At internet shopping mall only for points, you can buy various household items at discount price.

At that evening, she went to family restaurant with her friend and charged the part of bill on her credit card points. Apart from family restaurant, at other credit card affiliate stores like department store, theater, the amusement park you can use it.

If you are hassle to check the member store, then you can change your points to ‘Gift Card’ which is pre-paid card. You can get earned income deduction by using gift card and also get refund for the balance.

3. Let’s make donations with your card points

She found that she can also donate her credit card points while she browsed website. She has had much interest in donation so she decided to make a donation to the charity. When you make a donation through the card company’s website, then company donate the equivalent of your points (usually one to one exchange ratio).

It is quite simple to apply donations. The only thing that you have to do is choosing specific organization as contributee! You can also donate the points on a regular basis. Through the donations, you can not only do good deed, but also receive income deduction

4. Tax and points, what is the relation between them?

Ms. Han got to know that she can pay her tax with credit card points. From October, 2011, the National Tax Service has enforced <The national tax pay system with credit card point>. You can pay all kinds of national tax with your card point and you don’t need to go to the bank for the pay of national tax from this system. You can visit ‘Cardrotax’ website and pay the tax easily. Also, from December 14th, 2012, you can also pay local tax with your points. For the pay of local tax, you can visit ‘Wetax (’ and ‘Internet giro (’.

Likewise, there are so many ways to make good use of your credit card points! Don’t forget to check your card points on a regular basis. Also, there is mobile app whose you can check your credit card points. Let’s be a smart consumer utilizing card points wisely!

By Han So-yeon


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