No more threatening calls from creditors!


Hi, guys! I am new friend of Frank. Most of you have seen the scene of a poor girl suffering from creditors’ threatening calls in drama or movie and felt pity for her. At least in real world, this case is expected to be reduced. Before I talked about the detail of the plans to reduce the case, let me tell you most typical four types of unfair debt collections.


  •  ‘A’ saving bank’s employee in charge of debt collection called a debtor Ms. Kim’s brother after she has been out of contact. Ms. Kim’s brother asked whether she is liable for debts and got an answer from a banker.
  • A creditor signed a delegation contract of debt collections with ‘A’ credit information company. An officer in charge moved to ‘B’ company, and a creditor made new contract with ‘B’ company. However, the contract with ‘A’ company was not canceled and ‘A’ company keeps putting pressure on the debtor to pay debts so that a debtor is under pressure from both ‘A’ company and ‘B ’company.
  • A’ saving bank called a debtor total of 14 times phone call and text massage, which made a debtor feel an anxiety.
  • Employees of ‘A’ saving bank kept knocking the doors of a debtor without making any appointments and also visited a surety’s home without noting them.

These are recently typical unfair collecting credits practices. Actually, these cases are not violation of the current laws. However, these practices have become subject to the restrictions since they had been criticized that these practices had invaded a debtor’s rights.

Let me introduce details of plans for restrictions.


  1. For the cases of unfair collection of credits reported to the civil finance service consultation center and 1332 call center, the company will be asked to stop urging a debtor to pay debts.
  2. Recently realized types of unfair collection of credits will be reflected in current guide line of claim collection service in an effort to establish fair claim collection service. Also, if needed, the means for these unfair practices to be reflected in the law regarding to fair claim collection service will be discussed and the amendment of laws will be requested.
  3. When the inspection of the company collecting debts carried on, the civil complaints on the company will be mainly considered. If the violation is found crucial, the investigation will be asked for judicial authorities.

The most important thing is to prevent to be victim of unfair collection of credits. We should raise funds by taking out a loan in advisable ways of using ‘the guide of loan’ section in small loan finance 119 service ( and should avoid borrowing moneys from the private money lender.

By Park  Soojeong (


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