Online Banking Fraud? Nowhere to go anymore!


Good afternoon, my guys! How are you doing these days? I feel very good because my adorable spring is finally coming! Is your new-year’s (or new-semester’s) resolution going fine?

Well, I’m here to let you know good news that probably makes you feel happy and safe! The protection service from electronic financial fraud which protects our money from con men in network is announced to extend its range to Securities and (Mutual) Savings Bank from March 12th.

So far it was only a few major banks which the service was applied to, and this has not protected our properties whenever we making use of Securities or Savings Bank’s online banking system although there are uncountable users who love CMA and stuff. As you know, the number and magnitude of network-based financial fraud are soaring high. It even let us hear the news that the amount of over 2 billion won had been exposed to the trap of “Pharming” until February 2013. This is why we have continuously exclaimed the necessity of more invest in banking safety.


From now on, therefore, it is also required for you, Securities or Savings Bank users, to ‘re-authenticate’ yourself if you need to re-issue your accredited certificate or transfer the money amounting over 3 million won. There are simply 3 ways for the authentication. Through your own cell phone, wired telephone, or visit to the branch of the bank. It is quite simple but expected to effectively protect your account and money from bad swindlers. It is because the system automatically memorizes your computer and keeps other machines from connecting and making use of your online account illegally. It is said that the government is discussing the agenda to render this service obligated for whole online banking providers in the 3rd quarter of this year so that there must be nowhere to go for swindlers anymore.

BUT, to make it secure, we also need to learn some rules by heart as follows. 1) There is NO official banking website which asks you to type your WHOLE security card numbers. 2) You always install and operate the vaccine program while online banking. 3) The computer used for online banking needs to be clear from malignant codes. Check regularly! 4) As soon as you realize that something is wrong, call for the help and make the withdrawal ceased.

Although the financial experts are doing their best to make a safer world, we should always keep in mind that it is actually us who hold the key of every security.

Be cautious, my friends! Have a nice day as always 🙂

By Kicheol Lee (

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