Warm your heart with donations


Hello our readers.

The weather is getting warmer, so I brought heart-warming news for you. Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated 18 million Facebook shares to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which values roughly half a billion dollars ($500 million), making him the US second biggest charitable donor. Some of you might think donation as something that only the rich can do. Not really, though. Donation is about sharing our warm hearts no matter how much money we donate. Today, I’m going to introduce you to some convenient and fresh ways to make donations through financial instruments.


 Firstly, you can make donations with your dormant debit card points. I think almost all the university students use debit card for it provides lots of fringe benefits. For me, I knew some points were accumulated every time I pay with my debit card, but I never really cared about it. I guess you guys are not different from me. If you log in to your bank account and check how much point you have, you’ll be alarmed that you have lots of dormant points you never used of. You can use these points as cash on the internet, but there’s the other method of usage I suggest; you donate with those points. If you’re bothered to log in, check points, and make donations every month, you can set all or certain percentage of the points donated automatically to the organizations you choose. The same goes with the credit cards. Wake up your dormant points and let them be distributed to who are in need.

Secondly, you can buy insurance of which certain amount of insurance fee goes to charity. There are two types; one type is insurance which is only for donations and the other type of which you can designate beneficiary so that certain percentage of insurance can be donated while the rest goes to family when it matures. It’s easy that when you want to buy insurance, you can designate social welfare institutions as one of beneficiaries, and it’s done. Usually the insurance has its meaning on helping the family materially after something happens, but its meaning has expanded to helping neighbors as well. Unexpected accidents can be guaranteed while donations are also made by insurance, so this type of insurance is getting popular.

Lastly, you can make donations with your fund’s earnings. A certain amount of sales commission is put aside as donation, which generally banks make the same amount of donations that customers did. You can also share your fund investments to make donations. This works the same as insurance and card points do. You designate beneficiary such as the handicapped, multicultural family, the poor and it’s done. It’s pretty easy, right?

People have been making donations usually through NGOs but now it’s also available through financial instruments. Banks and financial organizations usually make donations the same amount as the customers did, so it’s actually helping double. You can use your dormant card points, and certain percentage of insurance and fund which doesn’t have to be a certain amount, which I think is quite easy, flexible, and meaningful way of making donations. Why don’t you try making donations through such financial instruments? Remember that even a little can save people in need. I suggest you make donations and feel the warmth of your heart.

By Yeajin Shim (greatshimbabe@gmail.com)

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