Be Alert, People! As the world gets smarter, the crime also gets cleverer!


Greetings Everyone. I’m so excited to meet all of you guys for the first time! I promise you that I’ll do my best to give you most interesting and latest news throughout this year. Anyway, it’s a pity to start my first posting with an alert on bank fraud.

As you guys could easily guess, this post is going to be about new bank fraud technique, pharming. Pharming is one kind of phishing, which is a well-known cyber crime. However pharming is a more advanced method than the original in terms of its increased cleverness.

phishing_pharmingSo, what is the difference, you ask? Have you ever gotten an email or a phone call asking your personal information? Well, that’s phishing. Phishing is a method trying to lure people into going to a certain website and giving away their personal information. And nowadays many people know that they are not supposed to hand over important information to unverified websites. Whereas by pharming, you wouldn’t know whether you are on a verified website that you intend or a phony website made by hackers. That’s because even though you type the correct website address, you automatically get connected to the phony one by malignant codes planted by hackers.


From November, 2012 to February, 2013, almost 323 pharming cases have been reported which is worth of about 2000 billion won and many predict the number will ascend gradually. In order to prevent more damages to our society, FSC has released a joint alarm together with FSS and the National Police Agency. They are trying to publicize the risk of pharming and some individual steps to avoid this fraud.


I will pass you on some tips to verify pharming, so listen up! You should suspect the website even though it seems like a real financial website, if it requires serial numbers or code numbers of your security cards. Also even if you think you are in a bank website, you should be suspicious if the pop up message asks you of your financial information in order to advance the security. Plus, be careful with files or emails with unknown source since they may contain malignant codes. Finally, note that many banks provide a preventive service for various financial frauds.

I hope that there will be no more victims of this fraud! Since regulations are not yet sufficient in cyberspace and it is expected that more elaborate cyber crimes will continuously appear, the best way to prevent damages is to always be alert ourselves. Always, always, be careful dealing with your personal information.

From Ha Eun Kim. (



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