[IFC] Banking on Women



This is the last post I am going to introduce about IFC. The issue is, ‘Baking on Women.’ In Korea, the new administration came into office this week. The president is Ms Park Geun Hye, the first female president in Korea. Right, women leaders are getting powerful influence all around the word, across economy, politics, culture, and other various sectors.


Statistics estimates that women-owned entities represent more than 30 percent of registered businesses worldwide. However, there still exist barriers against women’s empowerment. One of them is financial barrier, making it difficult for women to have access to financial services. Unfavorable business and regulatory environments impede women entrepreneurs from accessing finance.


Concerned over this issue, IFC implemented ‘Banking on Women’ to provide women entrepreneurs with financial supports. IFC’s Investment Services and Products are as follows;


  • Equity/capital
  • Loans/credit Lines
  • Risk-sharing facilities with banking and non-banking partners
  • Credit insurance
  • Supply chain finance and distributor finance


Also, IFC offers advisory services such as strategic planning, market positioning and segmentation, product repositioning and staff training. In total, IFC invested USD 63 million from 2006 to 2010. Obviously, it was great help for women in developing and underdeveloped countries like Malawi, Burundi, and east-African countries. We would further expect women’s empowered enhanced and facilitated by IFC’s Banking on Women.


Have you enjoyed reading FSC’s featured posts, ‘International Financial Corporation?’ I hope you found out a close interlink between policy measures implemented at home and abroad. Please feel free to leave your comments, which is more than welcome!



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