IFC Annual Report 2012, Impact on Financial Development



IFC publishes its annual report to see how its impact has been influential throughout a year. Key data and corresponding analysis are provided, evaluating what has been achieved by IFC’s commitment in the international system.


In accordance with its values and missions, IFC focuses on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), microfinance, climate change, and agri-business. As you may know, FSC has been working towards financing SMEs and providing microfinance for the low-income earners and financially vulnerable households. Obviously, they are at the core of values not only sought at home but also globally. IFC, moreover, pays attention to women entrepreneurs, capital markets, insurance, private equity, and housing. While expanding its area of interest and concern, IFC keeps striving to deal with the aftermath of the global financial crisis.


For a better understanding in a numerical sense, here is the key data from ‘Impact, IFC Annual Report 2012.’ Please compare the given data, and make your own analysis of IFC’s achievement throughout the year 2012.




As already introduced lots in this blog, FSC introduced and promoted lots of financial support measures for low-income and financially vulnerable households. To give you details, there are microfinance measures such as Sunshine Loan, Smile Microcredit, New Hope Loan, and Transfer loan. IFC, in a similar vein, has been committed to ‘increasing housing finance for low-income households.’ A successful case is shown in India, which shows hosing problem in urban areas being eased by the availability of microfinance.


Isn’t it interesting that issues both at home and abroad are overlapping? And there are countermeasures dealing with challenges, seeking ‘shared prosperity’ among population. Next time, whenever you get to read any microfinance measure introduced by FSC, you may broaden your thought by interlinking the measure with global issue happening outside the region.


For the next couple of blog posts, I will explain IFC’s commitments in more issue-specific way. Microfinance, SME Banking, and Banking on Women are to be dealt with.



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