Update your personal information for accident insurance!



Hello our readers.

We are expecting ‘good’ and ‘better’ things to happen in our lives. Accidents are, surely, neither wanted nor welcome. However, as we all know, we face some unexpected accidents from time to time. The best scenario is never confronting accidents, but the second best as well as more realistic way of thinking is building a back-up plan for possible accident. That is why many of us are making contributions to ‘accident/injury insurance’ payments.

Once insured by accident insurance, you may claim medical expenses in case of an accident. Assuming that such expenses incur large amount, your insurance claim would be very beneficial and helpful. However, sometimes, you should be more careful about terms and conditions for accident insurance. Otherwise, you may not be eligible for receiving a full coverage of accident insurance.




An insured is responsible for updating his/her personal information to insurance company. For example, if one changes job, it must be reported to insurance company. This is because each job is exposed to a different extent of physical danger or threat.


Let me explain by case scenario. Tom signed up for accident insurance, while he was working as a teller at bank. However, after a massive restructuring at the bank, Tom was fired and could not help finding a new job. He started driving a taxi, and after few months, he had a car accident while driving with his cab patron. Tom filed an insurance claim, but his claim could not be fully covered by his insurance. As Tom did not report his change to the insurance company, a full insurance coverage could not be granted. For Tom to receive a full coverage, Tom should have let the insurance company know about his changed status. Accordingly, his insurance payment would have been increased, considering that a taxi driver is more vulnerable to physical danger than a teller.


It is your responsibility to let insurance company updated about your changing status. Otherwise, you may not be able to receive a full coverage under accident insurance, even though you have made regular monthly payments. Please don’t forget to report to your insurance company, once you change your job! 




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