Online Portal System for Financial Education



Hello everyone!

Have you all read our previous blog posts on ‘One-Stop Finance for Low-income Households’ or ‘One-Stop Finance for Enterprises’? ‘One-Stop’ websites are the online portals designed to provide financial services for low-income earners and entrepreneurs. For Today, I would like to introduce you another portal designed by FSC. The new portal is similar to the previously introduced One-Stop portals, but its use is for educational purposes. Let’s look into the details of our new online portal system.


Financial Services Commission (FSC) along with Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) and other institutions are planning on establishing an online portal system for financial consumers. The main purpose of establishing the system is to provide convenience to financial consumers by offering services in need. Such services include publishing finance-related educational materials and giving online consultation services. Materials used for financial education will be constantly updated and developed according, which will be suitable for different age groups and other particulars.


The portal will include all the outstanding education programs provided by financial education institutions. Depending on their own needs, financial consumers will be able to choose and receive proper financial education. In other words, FSC aims at establishing a new online platform for financial education.




The portal will provide users with customized financial consultation services, which means that consultation will be given with consideration for individual circumstances. For this ends, individuals will answer a questionnaire to give their personal information such as living standard in economic terms and financial status. Once the information is gathered, financial consumers will receive advice on their own situations such as financial instruments available at the portal. To improve the overall quality of financial education, financially vulnerable household may receive one-to-one consultation.




Through this new online portal system for financial education, FSC seeks to provide a high-end financial education and service to its users. I hope to see this new portal system works soon!



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