[Sketch at FSC #2] FSC’s Kick-off Meeting for 2013



Policy Platform in 2013

As we are aware of the circum stance under which our economy lies, we are to know about what is the proper direction for policy measures. In this regards, the Chairman Kim addressed three main points.



First, financial stability is one of the most fundamental grounds supporting our financial system. Without stable financial system, our economy cannot stand against possible risks and uncertainties. Thus, FSC’s policy measures are to be designed in a way which promotes further stability and soundness in financial system.

Second, FSC is aiming at letting our financial system take a role as a new growth engine. Korean financial system is now equipped with excellent infrastructure and high-skilled labor forces. By utilizing these resources, our financial system is to show its potential. Advancement in financial system will lead to virtuous economic cycle, providing employment opportunities for the young.

Last, but not least, responding to financial paradigm shift, policy measures should be active and pre-emptive. Quantitative growth is no more valid in the current era. FSC will contribute to ‘betterment’ in our society. Financial services are to be shared, which will lead to harmonious society. As having done so, financial support for low-income households will continue for this ends. Accordingly, financial entities are encouraged to take their social responsibilities. This is with consideration for protecting financial consumers.


FSC’s Kick-off Meeting for 2013 ended with Mr. Kim’s final remark, “Despite changes in particulars from time to time, the very core value never changes. That is, the democratic role of government should remain consistent, even though there might be some differences between specific issues or areas to be addressed in a particular period.” After the new year address, everyone shared their new year’s greeting with each other. It was another motivation for the new year, letting people hope and go for the better than bygone days. How did your new year begin? Please leave yours, and share your idea on FSC’ policy platform. 




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