Let you free from unwanted telemarketing calls!



Hi. The 2nd semester is now over, and I hope you are having a wonderful winter vacation!

Today’s topic is about telemarketing. Most of you may have received unknown calls marketing their products or services. I also received millions of calls like these irritating me a lot. What is worse is that some individuals are financially damaged, as being swindled by fraud and voice phishing phone calls.




On 6th of December, 2012, Financial Services Commission (FSC) announced a new policy against unwanted telemarketing. Please acknowledge that this measure does not cover all kinds of telemarketing, but only limited to telemarketing for car insurance products. Car insurance companies have your personal information such as your car in possession, car insurance expiry date, and some other details. They receive the information from their affiliate companies such as big supermarket chains, credit card companies, and so on. Once you provide your details with those affiliates, car insurance companies are entitled to using them as well without your explicit consent. Using this information system, car insurance companies regularly check your status and then make phone calls for telemarketing.




During an interview, an officer at FSC expressed his concern that there are an increasing number of complaints about insurance companies’ use of financial consumer’s personal information. There has been an ongoing controversy whether insurance companies should be allowed to make use of the information without prior consent by consumers.




With FSC’s new policy being effective, insurance companies is no longer able to ‘telemarket’ their insurance products without customer’s consent. Customer’s personal information may be used as long as the customer received a precise notice about how the informational is going to be used. Moreover, insurance companies are responsible for notifying their customers of insurance expiry date in advance. The notice should be made twice, with the first one in 75~30 days prior to the expiry date and the second one in 30~10 days before the expiry date.


I guess that we are going to be less annoyed by telemarketing calls. At least, we are free from telemarketing calls for car insurance product. Also, I am very glad that my personal information is less likely to be used, which is a basic step to secure my details. Hope that this measure extends to cover other products and services as well!




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