Why pay more? Ask for a low interest rate!



During this time of the season, there are lots of occasions to spend extra dollars. Buying Christmas gifts, having a year-end party, and so on…! Your budget would be tighter than before. Is there anything from your spending list that you can cut down?




Actually, you may request a low interest rate for your loan, and you can reduce your spending on interest payment. To ask for it, you should be an eligible applicant first. The eligibility is assessed on the basis of changes in your personal information which positively influence your credit rating. The model criteria set seven indicators including recruitment, promotion at work, increase in income, improvement in credit rating, acquisition of professional license, VIP customer at financial institutions, and increase in overall asset.


Companies can also request for a lower interest rate as long as meeting the eligibility criteria. Indicators include company credit rating being upgraded, improvement in financial position, acquisition of patent, and furnishing of security.


Both individuals and companies, when meeting the indicators outlined by the criteria, may ask for a lower interest rate at banks and credit card companies. By implementing these model criteria, it is expected that financial consumers and companies will be fairly treated. It will deal with the past complaint that only some of customers were offered favorable interest rate with improvements in their credit ratings.


Do you think that you are an eligible applicant to lower your interest rate? Then why pay more? Ask for a low interest rate. Save money for your interest payment and spend it on something special for the end of this year.





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