Tips for you to get your misssing money back!



Good afternoon.

This morning before heading out to work, I took out one of my winter coats which slept in the wardrobe over the past months. And, as usual, I put my hands in pockets. Can you guess what a tiny luck that I encountered? Right, I found KRW 10 thousand note (which is about USD 8) in my pocket. The note made my morning to buy a nice cup of latte and raisin toast on the way to work. Like this little happening this morning, we feel glad when finding something missing or forgotten.


For today’s post, I would like to let you find your missing money that you have been unaware of. When signing up for a new credit card, you would pay an ‘annual membership fee’. However, after few months of using the card, you sometimes find out that the card is of no use. Then you will close the account for credit card.



In this case, you paid an ‘annual’ fee, while you stopped using the card for less than a year. Then what happens to your annual fee? While the fee was charged on the yearly basis, your use of the credit card took only few months. You can claim a refund on your paid annual fee! For example, when the annual fee was USD 120, and you only used the card for 3 months, you can get a refund for 9 months which will provide you with USD 90. However, not many people are aware of this measure. Only some people claim a refund by requesting to a customer service center at credit card company. To deal with this issue, credit card companies will set up a refund policy for annual membership fee, and let their customers aware of it.


Does this post remind you of any missing money that you may claim now? If you were a credit card holder with an expensive annual fee, you will have pretty large amount of extra money. Go and get your missing money today.




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