Illegal Credit Card Sales Promotion (3)


Hello readers.

As I introduced two case scenarios so far, are you now familiar with the idea of illegal credit card sales promotion? This will be a sum-up post to organize information about illegal credit card sales promotion.



Let us begin with the list below showing what amounts to an illegal sales promotion. 



So, when you find out any of those illegal promotion activities, what should you do?

The reporting center will be managed jointly by the Credit Finance Association, Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), and credit card companies. The amount of compensation would vary, from minimum KRW 100 thousand to KRW 2 million, depending on an extent of illegal promotion activity. This is effective as of December 1, 2012


So, if you see an illegal credit card sales promotion, do not just pass it by. Check it once more whether it should be considered illegal. If so, take a photo or record a video/audio clip. Submit the evidence along with your personal information and contact details. Then, you will be compensated for what you have done! Your eyes would be a good walking monitor.




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