Illegal Credit Card Sales Promotion (2)



Hello, folks.

How did you find the case scenario introduced yesterday? Could you recognize the factors of illegal credit card sales promotion? Here I am telling you another case scenario to give you a clearer understanding. Read it and find out what is wrong. Hope you can catch it better and quicker than yesterday!



[Case Scenario]

Last summer, Cathy went to a water park. There were lots of people queuing at the entrance. While waiting for the line and looking around people, Cathy noticed that a group of people was standing around a table. Being curious, Cathy went there to find out what is happening. People were signing up for credit card application. The sales promotion agent told Cathy, “Hi there. I am from Gold Credit Card Company. If you sign up today, the annual fee is $150. What’s more is that you will be given a free gift voucher worth $30 that you can use at any sweet stand here!” Cathy thought that this deal is pretty attracting, as she could save up her money buying snacks at the water park.


I guess you recognize something as ‘illegal credit card promotion activity.’ First, the venue is illegal! A water park is regarded as ‘pubic place’ where credit card sales promotion is prohibited. Second part is a bit trickier. The agent said that annual fee is $150, while the free gift voucher is worth $30. When sales promotion offers a gift of which price value exceeds ten percent of annual fee, it is an illegal sales promotion. So, if you find that an excessive gift is offered for credit card sales promotion, do not take it for granted. Rather, report it as you are attracted by an illegal promotion.



I would be happy if you better understand what amounts to an illegal credit card sales promotion. For the next post, I will list up the activities of illegal credit card sales promotion. As you are now familiar with case scenarios, you will not have difficulties understanding them!




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