Sign Up on Tablet PCs



Insurance, mobile phone, internet, newspaper, electricity, gas, and water bills. How many bills do you receive every month? I guess these bills are what all of us usually have in common. Some of you might have some extra bills as well.


For those regular payments, you can set a ‘scheduled payment’. On a scheduled date, a monthly payment is automatically made without bothering you to remember each payment date. I think many of you have already signed up for this transaction method.

Until now, to set a scheduled payment, you went bank to sign on a paper-based form. Or, you could use your authentication certificate to sign up online. Now, FSC introduces even more convenient way to sign for a scheduled payment. This is a partial amendment to Supervision of Electronic Financial Transaction.




For now on, if you visit bank to sign up for a scheduled payment, you will find that tablet PCs are replacing paper-based agreement forms. This change is to provide a greater convenience in electronic financial transactions. However, there are security requirements to prevent counterfeit signatures and other related frauds.


Back in decades ago, electronic finance was a part of science fiction movie. Now, we are living with the convenience of electronic finance. Isn’t it amazing that a click and even a touch on a screen make a transaction with a blink of eyes? Well, one thing to remember is that we should be more cautious and aware of side effects and possible frauds.





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