Banks in Your Smart Phone



This is Tony, and I am back with another post!


Before starting off with today’s topic, I would like to ask you guys a question. Do you all have a smartphone?I bet you do. I have one too, and it seems that everyone has one today. Smartphone is not just a mobile device letting you communicate with others. As its name tells you that it is ‘smart’, it can work as more than a mobile phone.


I am pretty sure that your smart phone is a big part of your daily life these days. And, by now, you should be able to catch the topic that I am going to talk about today. Yes! It is about financial applications for smart phones. Actually, there are millions of applications related to financial transactions. By using them, you can handle your finance-related needs anytime anywhere. However, people still visit banks and financial institutions to ‘make it sure’ that their transactions are on the right track.



You do not need to worry about your transaction when using those finance-related applications. All those applications are actually going through verification and approval processes, before being downloaded by a user. Then, why do banks and financial institutionsdevelop such applications? This is because they can downsize their operation costs for personnel expenses, as those applications can replace the works previously done by at banks and financial institutions. While saving up their costs for personnel expenses, they can invest more in other systemic and primary tasks.


Still, you might say, you will visit banks or financial institutions just to ‘make sure’. However,if you know a variety of offers suggested by banks, you may change your mind. You will receive lots of benefits and tax favors, once becoming a user for finance-related applications.


The whole financial industry, with participation and cooperation by financial institutions and banks, is trying to make more diverse benefits and policies meeting financialconsumers’ needs. I hope that you take an advantage of them.For more information, please visit the bank that you making a transaction with, or any nearest bank.You will be offered lots of benefits!


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