[Movie] The International (2009)


Just few more hours to go before the weekend. Are you all waiting for packing up your stuff and leaving school/office? For those of you not planning much for the weekend, here I am back with ‘Frank’s Pick for the Weekend’.

For today, I would like to introduce you a movie talking about ‘money laundry’. As I have posted a series of featured posts ‘Anti Money Laundry and Financial Intelligence Unit’, you might find this one interesting.

The International (2009)


‘The International (2009)’ portrays a story about an Interpol agent and attorney general. What they are looking for is brining the giant international banks to justice. Why? They discover that those banks are engaged with money laundries, deserving lawful punishment.

Can you imagine what happens if the characters are working at a financial company in Korea? Right, they are eligible for reporting the banks suspicious of money laundering activities to Financial Intelligence Unit at FSC. This is ‘Suspicious Transaction Report’ under the Anti Money Laundering Measures.

Money laundry will be uncovered true, if FIU finds out that the banks are involved with illegal sources of money flows. The banks’ activities are then subject to ‘Criminalization of Money Laundering’ under ‘Act on Reporting and Use of Certain Financial Transaction Information’.

If you watch this movie, you will be reminded of the anti money laundering measures that I have uploaded. So, does this week’s pick seem interesting enough for you? I do hope so, and have a nice weekend!


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