Covered Bonds Updates


Dear our blog readers

I noticed that many of our blog readers are very much interested in ‘covered bonds updates’.
‘An ever-increasing demand for covered bonds’ is not just written in papers, but actually shared by many people as I have felt and acknowledged so.
So, for your convenience, here I am uploading all the links to FSC’s press releases dealing with covered bonds.

<FSC’s Press Release> – the latest one at the top

Legislation Notice of Covered Bonds Act (October 23, 2012)

Guidelines on Covered Bond Issuance (June 30, 2011)

Task Force Formed to Legislate the Covered Bond Act (June 21, 2011)


<Our Blog Posts>

Introduction of Covered Bonds Issuance

About the Covered Bonds and the Establishment of a New Law

I would be happy if this summary is neat and handy for you 😀
If you have any other enquiries regarding the issue, please do not hesitate! Leave your comments here.



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