Moving-Out to FSC’s NEW Office


Hello our blog readers 😀

Moving-out to somewhere else really makes a big change. Everything near you becomes totally new, taking some time for you to set up your stuff and settle yourself at the new place. One of the reasons for moving-out is to find a better place that suits your living. We are all constantly seeking a nicer and more convenient place that seems closer to our taste!

In the same vein, FSC moved out to its new office in ‘Gwanghwamun’ district. For those of you not living in Seoul, you might not know what kind of district Gwanghwamun is. Briefly explaining, Gwanghwamun is ‘the heart of Seoul’ in terms of location and various aspects across politics, economics, culture, etc. If you visit here, you would soon realize what I am saying now. Blue House, City Hall and other central government office buildings are here along with main press companies and headquarters of major financial corporations. Moreover, the area is nicely maintained with the beauty of ‘Cheonggye Stream’. Our people at FSC would love to walk through the stream during the lunch break :)!

The moving-out process was not an easy task, packing everyone’s stuff and computing system, and then unpacking them again at this new place. It was hard to believe hard that many boxes were packed. I would just say that one box after another, which continued for pretty long time! Now everything is working as usual, as if moving-out had happened a long time ago. Then why did FSC move out to this new place, despite this long and hard process of moving?

 This is because FSC is to stand out in the center of financial and economic area where more interactive and closer communication is feasible with other financial companies and other market participants. Among them, FSC will demonstrate its strong leadership as a main body of financial authorities in Korea. Taking advantage of its geographic stance in Gwanghwamun, FSC is pursuing its role as ‘the center’ of financial sector in terms of hearing voices from others and providing proper countermeasures.

With the news of FSC’s moving-out, I am going to introduce you a series of posts about FSC’s organization! Please look forward to the next one 😀


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