Mr. Kim’s Visit to a Social Welfare Center


My dear readers, how was your Thanksgiving? Did you get to catch up with your family and relatives? Or went travelling? Or caught up on some sleep? While all these things are perfectly nice, I believe that volunteering and/or taking care of those who are marginalized in our society would be also very meaningful, especially during a holiday season.

In line with this, I’m very happy to share this news with you. On 20th of September, just few days ahead of Korean Thanksgiving Day, Chairman of the Financial Services Commission(FSC), Seok-dong Kim, visited a social welfare centre for the homeless (“보현의 집” in Korean). About 300 homeless men were living in the facility where they learn new job skills, take music/drawing lessons, and play sports, all in order to stand on their own feet again and go back to the society.

Chairman Kim and several officers of the FSC visited the facility and saw how the vulnerable in our society desperately needs supportive policy to make them strong and independent individuals again. Chairman Kim donated money and daily goods to the homeless facility, and promised more effective and efficient supports for credit recovery of the homeless. He also introduced the opening of Financial Support Call Centre for Low-income Households on 24th of September. The center’s opening means that the homeless, or other financially difficult individuals, can dial 1397 on the phone to get a financial advice and support from the government, in order to sort out their financial problems.

I was honoured to accompany Chairman Kim’s visit to the facility, and it made one reflect on how to improve the lives of people who need help and support. And this visit also unexpectedly made me appreciate my life as an ordinary college student. Well, is there anyone else who volunteered at or visited the socially vulnerable people’s facility recently? If there is, please share your experience. I’ll be looking forward to your comments 🙂


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