Financial Support Call Center for Low-income Households


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 As you know, I am uploading a number of blog posts about ‘financial support for low-income households’. This is because FSC is continuously coming up with its policy measures designed for providing financial supports for low-income, financially vulnerable and excluded households. Actually, it is one of FSC’s policy agenda of this year. Briefly letting you know, the policy agenda 2012 is;

1. Microfinance for low-income households,
2. Financial accessibility for SMEs, and
3. Risk-focused, forward-looking approach.

As you can see, ‘microfinance for low-income households’ covers all those measures of financial supports introduced so far.

Today, I am posting about another good news for low-income households! There was an opening ceremony for ‘Financial Support Call Center for Low-income Households’ in Daejeon. FSC’s Chairman, Kim Seok-Dong, went to the ceremony to deliver his congratulatory address.


FSC’s Chairman, Kim Seok-Dong at the opening ceremony


If you call ‘1397’, you can get any kind of financial advice for low-income households. Depending on your enquiries and facing difficulties, a proper financial service and product will be recommended. This is ‘demand-focused’ approach which aims at meeting the caller’s needs. Along with online website ‘One-Stop Finance for Low-income Households’ and offline financial centers in 16 city councils, this new call center will be another axis of financial support infrastructure for low-income households. You can enjoy the brilliant trio of financial support, online, offline, and call center! It would be your option to choose whatever seems most convenient for you.


Is anyone wondering about the number ‘1397’? If you look at a telephone number pad, you will notice that each number, 1, 3, 9 and 7, is at the corner of the pad. So, the call number 1397 implies that the call center will be able to cover every single financial difficulty faced by low-income households. By choosing this number for the call center, financial authorities portray the will of ‘financial inclusion’ benefiting everyone. For this ends, more active and organizational cooperation between various financial policies are to be promoted.



“A friend in need is a friend indeed. Financial policies will be the ‘friend indeed’ for financially vulnerable individuals who are trying hard to overcome their financial and economic challenges”, said Mr. Kim at the end of his congratulatory address.




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2 thoughts on “Financial Support Call Center for Low-income Households

  1. WOW, I never 1397 could have such a far reaching meaning for a call center! Guess we could make use of the same definition for our services to if you dont mind!!! 😉

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