I don’t have a college degree, but I can work at the bank


Hi guys! I heard that the super-strong typhoon, Sanba, hit Korea last week. I hope all of you guys are safe there. Today, I’m back with a good news that you would like to hear.

The Vice Chairman of the FSC, Choo Kyung-ho, had a meeting with five financial associations, four government entities and several commercial banks on 14th of September. The meeting was held to examine financial sectors’ recruiting trends to employ high school graduates. The main point discussed there was encouraging more job opportunities for high school graduates, especially those who are financially struggling.

Actually there are some good examples showing that high school graduates are hired as regular employees in financial sectors. I know that many of you cannot believe this kind of story, as you think that jobs in financial sectors demand college degrees. However, this recruiting trend is happening now! I am so sure of it because this is the case for my cousin.

Let me tell you the story of my cousin. My cousin decided not to go to college, after graduating from high school. My family member, of course including myself, and his friends tried to persuade him to more carefully think back of his decision. Despite others’ suggestions, he was so firmly determined and singed an employment contract with a bank. Since the job was not permanent but contractual basis, I was worried about him. It seemed that he got an unsecured and unstable job. However, he was so confident that he would have an opportunity to sign a permanent employment contract after two years of his work, as long as he shows an excellent job performance. And now, guess what? He became a permanent employee at the bank after the two years, and I am so proud of him! He said that he could build his own competitiveness against others, as he had been benefited from many training programs offered for high school graduates.

Source: MK news

Getting back to the Vice chairman’s meeting, Mr. Choo asked the meeting participants to keep this system working. This system should be even further encouraged, rather than being a temporary job opportunity.  To carry out its promise to make this system continuous, the Korean Federation of Banks will regularly post its press release about the trends illustrating high school graduates’ employment opportunities in financial sectors. Mr. Choo put emphasis once again that the financially vulnerable and excluded groups should be genuinely benefited from more of these opportunities.

These days, we can see, hear and feel economic downturns all around us. For the young, the unemployment issue does really matter, making their future so blurry and uncertain. However, there still exit hopes for the young even if they are not having a good college degree! More job creations for high school graduates are to be encouraged by FSC’s efforts. And I would love to tell you cheerful news like this one for my next blogging. See you then.



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