CCRS? Credit Counseling & Recovery Service


Hello all.

When you need financial aid ‘very urgently’, what would you do? Please, do not say that you are to borrow money from illegal private financial companies. They will let you trapped in a vicious cycle of debt, leaving you with a huge burden of unreasonably high interest rate! However, if you are in a real hurry, you become so desperate and cannot come up with any other option. Today, I am introducing you a way-out which will help you at times of need for emergency loans.


What is CCRS?

  • CCRS stands for Credit Counseling and Recovery Service, a non-profit organization founded in 2002 for the purpose of supporting debtors in financial difficulties. The aim of CCRS is to promote households’ financial and emotional well-being, and therefore to build a financially healthier society! For this ends, CCRS believes that ‘good credit’ is one of the most important components. And actually, CCRS is working towards granting such a good credit to the financially vulnerable and low-income households.


Emergency loans by CCRS


If you are interested in CCRS’s microcredit, you can visit their website (available in English);

I hope that no more households are becoming the debtors under the pressure of high interest rates. Sometimes we are just unaware of these kinds of goodness! Share this information with your friends!



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