New Hope Loan



Low-income households might feel ‘hopeless’ when they are looking for loans available for them. A high threshold of credit rating and income bracket make it difficult them to receive loans whenever they need funds. That’s why it has been criticized that financial industries should owe a certain extent of ‘social responsibilities’ to make contributions to a better and more stable society. In this regard, Mr. Kim Seok-Dong, the Chairman of FSC, said that “Don’t take an umbrella away on a rainy day” at the meeting with financial holding companies. By saying so, he emphasized that financial industries should care more about housholds’ economic welfare. (related featured posts about Mr. Kim’s meeting with financial holding companies:

‘New Hope’ loan was launched on the basis of this idea that banks are socially responsible for supporting low-income households. It does not mean that banks should give ‘free money’ to the low-income earners. Rather, banks’ social responsibility is more about making financial products which are reasonably accessible by the low-income households. To make it easily available for low-income households, New Hope loan has several features;


New Hope loan can be granted for the purpose of living expenses, business operation funds, and some other individual reasons. Interest rates and loan periods may vary depending on the applicant’s financial circumstance as well as each bank’s policy. So, if you find that this is ‘the right one’ that you have been looking for, knock the door for New Hope. Visit the bank that you are usually making transactions at. For more information, visit or call +82-2-3705-5000.



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