[EVENT] ‘Financial Consultation for the Low-income households’


Good afternoon all.

If you have checked either our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/financialservicescommission) or ‘Frank’s Calendar’ category of this blog, you would know that a big event is being held today. The event is ‘Financial Consultation for the Low-income households’, at Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event was organized by Financial Services Commission (FSC) and Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) in cooperation with other related bodies. Lots of information and advice were given, covering the following areas; loan for low-income households, loan for small-merchant, credit recovery programs, employment, and welfare. About 900 people visited this event, showing their great interests particularly in ‘New Hope’ loans, low-interest rate loans, and pre-workout programs. The event brought up a variety of issues, letting the visitors receive a comprehensive set of consultation on each individual’s facing issues.


Giving the opening address at this event, the Chairman of FSC, Mr. Kim Seok-Dong, emphasized that “Financial support for the low-income households should be neither temporary nor superficial.” To enhance financial support for low-income households, he introduced that ‘Financial Call Center for Low-income Households’ is to come up at the end of this month. This is a part of FSC’s continuous efforts to support the low-income households. Considering that both quality and quantity of financial support has increased, FSC will now work towards establishing a supportive system which is more convenient and easily accessible by the low-income households. After having a direct consultation session with some visitors, Mr. Kim expressed that FSC’s policy measures will do the best to reflect those concerned by the visitors at today’s event.


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